Rose Queen 1905, Hallie Woods
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Rose queens: A history in pictures

Although the 120th Tournament of Roses is coming up on Jan. 1, 2009, the young lady presiding over the royal court that day will be just the 91st queen; although the first tournament was held in 1890, the naming of the queen did not become an annual event until 1930. In fact, no royal authority was chosen until the 1905 tournament. Hallie Woods, shown here with her court, will forever hold the honor of being the first rose queen. (Graham Barclay / Tournament of Roses Archives)
After 1905, queens also were crowned for the the next three years. Then it became an on-again, off-again tradition. In 1923, after eight consecutive years without a queen, May McAvoy reigned over the parade. (Tournament of Roses Archives)
Holly Halsted, rose queen for 1930, gets her crown from C. Hal Reynolds, president of the Tournament of Roses. (Associated Press)
Treva Scott wore the crown in 1934. (Tournament of Roses Archives)
The royal court for the 1936 Tournament of Roses had been chosen -- but the queen not selected -- when this photo was taken in December 1935. Care to guess which young woman got the honor? The candidates, standing from left to right: Virginia Lea White, Rose Mary Watkins, Barbara Nichols, Frances Shepherd and Dorothy Ginn; at the bottom is Katherine Newman, and in the center of the photo is Charlotte Blackstone.

The eventual queen? It was the woman at the rear, in the middle of the five standing princesses: Barbara Nichols. (Powell Press Service)
Hats were big in 1943, both literally and popularity-wise, when Mildred Miller was queen. ()
Queen Eleanor Payne, center, and the 1951 Tournament of Roses princesses. (Graham Barclay / Tournament of Roses Archives)
Nancy Thorne wore the crown in 1952. (Tournament of Roses Archives)
Although Linda Strother, center, earned the crown in 1968, the princesses at least could say they earned their stripes. (Graham Barclay / Tournament of Roses Archives)
Christina Leanne Farrell shows a big smile after being named queen for the 1999 Tournament of Roses. (Los Angeles Times)
Queen Sophia Bush waves to parade-watchers in Pasadena on Jan. 1, 2000. (Associated Press)
Michelle Jacobs was named queen for the 2001 Tournament of Roses. (Los Angeles Times)
Caroline Hsu, center, and the other members of the royal court react to Hsu’s selection as queen for the 2002 Tournament of Roses. (Los Angeles Times)
Megan Chinen holds the roses after being named queen for the 2004 tournament. (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)
Camille Clark is congratulated by the princesses after being named rose queen for the 2006 tournament. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)
Mary McCluggage, center, is dotty with excitement after being named the 89th rose queen. McCluggage presided over the 2007 parade. (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)
Dusty Gibbs won the right to wear the crown for the 2008 parade. She is flanked by princesses Zena Brown, left and Katie Merrill. (Annie Wells / Los Angeles Times)
In the traditional ceremony at Tournament House in Pasadena, Courtney Chou Lee was named the 91st rose queen. She’ll reign over the 2009 parade. (Annie Wells / Los Angeles Times)