Palestinian Militants
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Turmoil in the Mideast

In the Askasr refugee camp outside of the town of Nablus, Palestinian militants of various factions say they are prepared for an attack by Israeli troops. As the Israeli military broadens its occupation of Palestinian territories, Nablus remains one of the Palestinian strongholds. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
An Egyptian policeman directs protesters at Cairo University on Tuesday. For a third straight day hundreds of students from Cairo University tried to march on the Israeli embassy to protest the Israeli incursion into Palestinian controlled areas of the West Bank. (NORBERT SCHILLER / Getty Images)
Protesters flee tear gas fired by Israeli police and soldiers at a checkpoint barricade outside Ramallah in the West Bank. The Israeli Defense Force has sealed off the city in their fight against terrorism. The demonstrators were attempting to deliver food and medical supplies to the city. The Israelis allowed one aid truck to enter. At one point the protesters tried to push through the roadblock and threw punches at the Israelis. (BRYAN CHAN / LAT)
Israeli police and soldiers try to hold back a crowd of protesters attempting to deliver food and medical supplies to Ramallah. At this point, the protesters attempted to push through the barricade and threw punches at the soldiers. (BRYAN CHAN / LAT)
Israeli police and soldiers subdue a protester while trying to break up a rally outside a checkpoint into Ramallah. (BRYAN CHAN / LAT)
Israeli soldiers pass a demolished vehicle as they patrol a street in the West Bank town of Bethlehem on Wednesday. (AP)
Israeli soldiers, seen in a picture handed out by the Israeli Defense Force, talk to nuns in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. The Israeli army invaded two more towns in a widening West Bank war zone as Palestinian gunmen remained holed up in Bethlehem at one of Christianity’s holiest sites. (Israeli Defense Force Handout)
In the West Bank town of Nablus, Palestinians in the refugee camp of Askar prepare for an attack by Israeli troops. An aqsa rocket lies on the roof of the car as other explosives are loaded into the vehicle. (CAROLYN COLE / LAT)
Palestinians carry a body wrapped in a blanket as they run to a hospital in Bethlehem on Wednesday. The dead Palestinian man was killed yesterday in an exchange of fire with Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank city. Israeli forces laid siege today to the spot where Christians believe Jesus Christ was born, seeking to arrest dozens of Palestinian gunmen they said had fired on them from the Church of the Nativity. (AFP)