Nasiriyah Bombing
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Nasiriyah Bombing

Iraqi police officers stand in front of the Italian Carabinieri headquarters in Nasiriyah after it was heavily damaged by a truck bomb today. (AP)
A destroyed Italian Carabinieri police vehicle is seen next to the building hit by a car bomb today. (AP)
People look at a burnt car at the base used by the Italian Carabinieri Multinational Specialized Unit. (AFP)
A wounded Iraqi is seen at a hospital in Nasiriyah after today’s attack on Italian forces. (AP)
An Iraqi woman and child recuperate in a hospital after a suicide bomber drove a tanker truck into Italy’s paramiliary police headquarters in Nasiriyah. (AP)
An Italian Army soldier gestures next to the barracks building destroyed today by a car bomb at the headquarters of Italy’s paramilitary police in Nasiriyah. (AP)
Italian forces guard their barracks building, which was destroyed by a suicide truck bomb today. The truck is seen at left, in the background. (AP)
Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi addresses Italian lawmakers in Rome, following a suicide attack on Italian forces in Iraq today. (AFP)
Italian forces secure an area after a suicide bomber drove a tanker truck into their headquarters compound in of Nasiriyah today. (AP)
A banner reading “A Casa” (Come home!) urges the return to Italy of the Italian forces attacked today in Iraq. The banner was shown during a peace demonstration in front of the Chigi Palace, the prime minister’s office. The Italian and European Union flags are seen being flown at half staff. (AP)