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Life in Antarctica

In repose, adult Weddell seal. ()
Emperor penguins in blizzard. ()
Emperor penguins — adults and chick. ()
Leopard seal basking on grounded iceberg. ()
Southern elephant seals in annual moult, South Georgia. ()
Snow petrels and cavern, tabular iceberg. ()
Adélie penguins on iceberg, Antarctic Sound. ()
Kapitan Khlebnikov in close ice, Ross Sea. ()
Birders in tussock grass, South Georgia. ()
Iceberg cave, once a large crevasse in a glacier. ()
Abandoned emperor penguin egg. ()
Skuas over angular ice floes, McMurdo Sound. ()
Glen Keough studying ice on moraine, Pourquoi Pas Island. ()
Snow petrels and weathered iceberg, Crystal Sound. ()
Killer whales spyhopping amid brash ice and blocks, McMurdo Sound. ()
Jade iceberg, Gerlache Strait. ()
Southern giant petrel over Bransfield Strait. ()
Emperor chick on adult’s feet. ()
For details on “ANTARCTICA: Explorer Series, Volume One” by Pat and Rosemarie Keough, go to www.keough-art.com or view the book at the Fahey-Klein Gallery at 148 N. La Brea, Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eric Boyd / LAT)