ABS Avalanche Airbag
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Survival and rescue gear

ABS Avalanche Airbag
ABS Avalanche Airbag, $439

Avoiding an avalanche is the first step in safety, but the ABS Avalanche Airbag can help keep the wearer from being buried in an avalanche. (Alaska Xtreme Products)
Portable snow shovel
Lynx snow shovel $39

The inexpensive and light weight shovel is a no-frills option for backcountry travelers. (© Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. 2003)
Snow saw
Ripper Saw $24

Looking more like a medieval torture device than backcountry saw, the Ripper has serrated teeth designed to slice cleanly through fragile layers allowing for assessment of snow packs. (© Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. 2003)
Snow probe
Carbon Fibre Probe $65

The carbon fiber sections are marked every five centimeters for quick and accurate depth measurement. (© Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. 2003)
Black Diamond’s AvaLung II
Black Diamond’s AvaLung II, $119

The AvaLung II is designed to extract air from the snow, enabling victims to breathe while a rescue effort is made. (© Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. 2003)