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Do you see what I see?

Cycling world clashes over style and other stuff.

“Road riders are big posers. Matching clothes. Shaved legs.”
—John Klempfner, pedals both ways

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“Mountain bikers are the people who, at the end of a ride, instead of having a protein-recovery drink go for a bong rip and a smoothie.”
—Stephen Schauer, road cyclist

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“Who wants to pay an entry fee and be shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of Spandex when you could be in the woods enjoying the day with a group of friends?”
—Greg Galliano, mountain biker

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“I wouldn’t wear any of that junk.”
—Will Catzman, mountain biker

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“Road bikers care about what they look like. Mountain bikers typically don’t.”
—Steve Lubanski, owner of Open Road Bicycle Shop of Pasadena, home of the largest selection of Primal Wear jerseys in the United States

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“It’s going to take more than a fancy jersey to unite the worlds of mountain biking and road biking.”
—Joseph Semen, mountain biker

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