Dall sheep
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The Yukon’s last stand

Dall sheep on the banks of the Snake River. (Juri Peepre / CPAWS-Yukon)
The author and his group hike up a valley from their first camp on the banks of the Snake River, Yukon. Behind them rises Painted Mountain, on the other side of the river. (Marten Berkman)
Rafting the Snake River in the Yukon Territory. (Marten Berkman)
Duo Lakes near the headwaters of the Snake. (Marten Berkman)
Midnight sunset just south of the Arctic Circle. (Marten Berkman)
Where the journey began. (Marten Berkman)
The raft with six occupants tips over in the Snake River’s “second-to-last” rapids. (Frank Clifford / LAT)
A canoe by Duo Lakes. (Frank Clifford / LAT)
Liz Hansen, a Yukon native, who led the group in prayer: “Heavenly Father, we ask you to guide us safely down this river. It is fast water.” (Marten Berkman)
Map of Yukon Territory. ()