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Snowed under

With an avalanche beacon, you can greatly improve your odds of getting out alive.

Tracker DTS
Fully digital Backcountry Access product has two antennas, for pinpoint searching. In our test, it tied for first in finding “victim” fastest. 50-meter range. $290. (800) 670-8735, Boyd / LAT)
Mammut Barryvox
Matched Tracker DTS in how fast it found victim but unit is geared to the technologically enabled, requiring substantially more practice by user. 60-meter range. $300. (800) 426-4840, Boyd / LAT)
Ortovox X1
Latest beacon in Ortovox line features 80-meter range and analog and digital antennas, but tester found search mode imprecise, which slowed the hunt. $290. (800) 426-4840, Boyd / LAT)
F1-ND boasts an industry-leading 90-meter receiving range, but its single antenna prohibited pinpoint locating, costing searcher precious time. $220. (800) 758-8245, Boyd / LAT)