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Now entering the red-light district

These portable illuminators help retain night vision.
Pluses: Flexible arms permit many configurations; two settings (high, provides 16 hours’ use per battery set; low, 140 hours); two sets of lens caps (clear and amber-red); water-resistant; choice of four body colors. Minuses: Despite three white LED bulbs, thickness of amber-red lens caps produces least bright-red light of products tested. Weight: 3.9 ounces. $25. (877) 666-8263, www.squidlight.com

Text by Scott Doggett
Photographs by Eric Boyd ()
Pluses: Three settings (high, 80 hours; medium, 120 hours; low, 150 hours); blinking mode (400 hours); four white LED bulbs; alternates easily between white and red light with flip-down red filter (third-brightest red light and brightest white light of products tested); comfortable; water-resistant; the required three AAA batteries are included. Minus: Battery installation is a little awkward. Weight: 2.8 ounces. A very fine product. $33. (801) 926-1500, www.petzl.com ()
Pluses: The latest offering in Gerber’s popular Bonfire series features two white LED bulbs, one red LED bulb; two settings (white, eight hours; red, 70 hours); comes with hanging lanyard; emits second-brightest red light and second-brightest white light of products tested; water-resistant and floats. Minus: The required two AA batteries are not included. $31. Weight: 4.6 ounces. (800) 950-6161, www.gerberblades.com ()
Pluses: Just 1.8 ounces with battery (9-volt, included); two settings (high, 75 hours; low, 600 hours); two red LED bulbs produce brightest red light of products tested; red cap lets you quickly distinguish this Pak-Lite as the only one that emits red light (Pak-Lites are available in many light colors and cap colors). Minus: Emits no white light. $24. A headband light holder is available for $9. (541) 660-0349, www.9voltlight.com ()