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Slick ways to rub out friction

Lubricants protect runners, hikers and cyclists against chafing. Some double as sunscreen.

The good: goes on oily and stays slippery, minimizing friction and reducing chafing; minor stain factor; least expensive of the bunch on a per-ounce basis. The bad: messy, can’t cap tube. $4 for six 1/3-ounce packets ($2/ounce). (888) 411-0287,

Text by Scott Doggett
Photos by Eric Boyd / LAT ()
The good: eventually gets slippery with sweat and body heat. The bad: goes on thick and tacky; most stain-producing; the 7-inch-long tube is the least portable of the bunch. $8 for 2 1/2-ounce tube ($3.21/ounce). (800) 345-2231, ()
The good: goes on a bit thick but slicks up with use, does double duty as sunscreen, no mess. The bad: extremely pricey at $6 for 0.45 ounce ($13.33/ounce); the small quantity is used up quickly; high stain factor. (888) 263-9454, ()
The good: goes on slippery and stays slippery, no mess, very low stain factor. The bad: pricey at $8 for 1 1/2 ounces of product ($5.33/ounce); much less portable than Chamois Butt’r, BodyGlide and Sportslick. (866) 924-7847, ()
The good: Doubles as a sunscreen, no mess, minimal stain factor. The bad: Goes on pastier than others and stays pasty, doing only a fair job of curbing friction and chafing; very pricey at $6 for half an ounce ($12/ounce). (800) 646-8448, ()