Bike Friday
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Coming into the fold

Bike Friday
Their Pocket Rocket Pro model is the closest to racing geometry and probably still the design to chase. Stiff, responsive and fast. But 20-inch wheels and long stem made for sketchy handling in stiff cross winds. Spend more and get the carbon fork for a smoother ride. $1,895 to $5,215. $3,100 as tested. (800) 777-0258, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Airnimal chameleon
A true racing steed, particularly so with 24-inch wheels and carbon fork. Rear shock smooths out ride, but bobs. Triple crank makes it ready for any hill. Packing system is more buttoned-down, with more space for helmet and shoes. $2,100 to $3,600. $2,650 as tested. (415) 383-6366, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Birdy bike
Awkward folding and weight don’t add much convenience to this sidewalk-café scooter, and a giant front chainringÖ at 56 teeth seems designed for German cycling powerhouse Jan Ullrich - don’t try it in San Francisco. $990 to $1,490. $990 as tested. (877) 247-3987, www.birdybike.comÖ (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Montague paratrooper
This bike was built for military use, hence its rugged good looks. You need to remove the front wheel, but it will fit in the trunk of a compact sedan. Low-budget components keep the price down, but the ride suffers. The bike’s on the heavy side at 29 pounds. $645 to $695. $645 as tested. (800) 736-5348, www.montagueco.comÖ (Eric Boyd / LAT)