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Prep volleyball

Mississippi Valley State’s Jefferey Price and Richard Cannon box out University of Southern California Trojans RouSean Cromwell. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Trojans Dwight Lewis goes up to block a cross court pass against Mississippi Valley State Kadrian Bryant underneath as Trojans RouSean Cromwell and Taj Gibson defend. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Trojans Kyle Austin, left and Taj Gibson vie for a rebound against Mississippi Valley State’s Michael Clark. (Alex Gallardo /)
USC’s Taj Gibson grapples for the ball with Mississippi Valley State’s Larry Cox (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
USC’s Kyle Austin seperates himself from Mississippi Valley State’s Jefferey Price. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Trojans Kyle Austin has his view to the basket obscurred by Mississippi Valley State Larry Cox. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
USC’s Keith Wilkinson sets up for a shot against Mississippi Valley State’s Kadrian Bryant, left and Larry Cox from behind. (Alex Gallardo, Los Angeles Times)