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Welcome to Los Angeles LocalLinks, Los Angeles Times' new Pay-Per-Click online advertising program.

With Los Angeles LocalLinks you now have the opportunity to run a self-service account and display your text ads across our Web sites based upon what type of business you have. Pricing is based on a bidding system for placement within topic areas throughout

Through the tools you receive when signing up for this program, you can manage your budget and track how well your ads are doing. And you pay only when a user clicks your ad — no clicks, no cost. What's not to love?

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable
    . Set the bid and the budget. Limit spending by setting daily budget caps.
  • Highly targeted and effective
    . Increase sales by reaching consumers interested in your product or service.
  • Easy
    . Through a few simple steps, start running ads almost immediately.

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Quigo Local Ads Example

Quigo Local Ads Example