LA Land: The Carpenters’ home in Downey, California
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LA Land: The Carpenters’ old home in Downey, California

Jon Konjoyan, 45, former national promotion director at A&M records, holds up the Carpenter’s record album from 1973 titled, “Now and Then”, that shows their home, seen in background, on Newville Ave. in Downey, California.. Fans are rallying to prevent the demolition of the home, seen at right, of Richard and Karen Carpenter. . Karen Carpenter died in the home, seen at right, on Feb. 4, 1983. (Mel Melcon)
The Carpenters, Richard and Karen, pose with their Grammy during the 13th annual 1970 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Ca., March 17, 1971. The brother-sister duo was named best new artist of the year for 1970, and also won as the best contemporary duo or group vocalists for “Close to You.” Karen Carpenter died in 1983. (Associated Press)
The smaller of two homes that belonged to Karen and Richard Carpenter in Downey, California, is being remodeled. The owners have submitted plans to Downey officials to replace the 39-year-old main house, which fans are trying to save. (Mel Melcon)
The Carpenters also named apartment buildings that they owned in Downey after one of their hit songs. This building, on East 5th Street in Downey, was named for their hit song “Close to You.” (Con Keyes)
Located in southeast Los Angeles County, the city of Downey is 13 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 107,323. (Lori Shepler)