Indiana Pacers fans
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Indiana Pacers fans show their support for suspended player Ron Artest during the game with the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles. (Chris Carlson / AP)
LOSING HIS GRIP: Clipper Quinton Ross, left, tries to steal the ball from Tremaine Fowlkes. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Indiana Pacers’ Britton Johnsen goes to the basket past Clippers Corey Maggette and Elton Brand. (Chris Carlson / AP)
Clippers’ Elton Brand makes a block against the Indiana Pacers’ Marcus Haslip at Staples Center. (Lori Shepler / LAT)
Clippers’ Chris Wilcox passes off to a teammate while under the basket against the Indiana Pacers. (Lori Shepler / LAT)