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Josh Brown of Foyil, Okla.

JUST SUPER: Josh Brown celebrates with fans after the Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers, 34-14, in the NFC championship game. (Ted S. Warren / AP)
DON’T BLINK: A sign along Route 66 as you enter Foyil, Okla., proclaims the town home of Andy Payne, who won the Transcontinental Footrace of 1928, and invites passersby to visit a Totem Pole park. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)
WELCOME TO FOYIL: As you enter the small Oklahoma town of Foyil, hometown of Seahawk kicker Josh Brown, along Route 66, a “Welcome to Foyil” sign, an American flag and a monument commemorating Andrew Hartley Payne’s victory in the Transcontinental Footrace of 1928 greet passersby. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)
SMALL-TOWN ATTRACTION: Annamae Sellers works in the visitor’s center of Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole in Foyil, Okla., hometown of Seahawk kicker Josh Brown. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)
THIS IS IT: The city hall building in Foyil, Okla., hardly looks like a civic center. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)
TEN YEARS LATER: Foyil High football Coach Rick Antle coached the 1995 team that included Seahawk kicker Josh Brown to the state championship game in 1995. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)
MEMORABILIA: The trophy case at Foyil High in Oklahoma features a photo of Josh Brown kicking in college, a photo of Brown taken in high school, a state runner-up trophy from Foyil’s 1995 team, and a photo of Brown kicking for the Seahawks. (Brandi Simons / For The Times)