Serious Fans
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Serious Fans

“Star Wars” fans work together to build a Star Wars ship out of Legos while waiting in the line of die-hards near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (LORI SHEPLER / LAT)
Craig Haasis, left, and Peter Genovese wait in line near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. (LORI SHEPLER / LAT)
Tents cover the lawn next to the Edwards Newport Cinemas in Newport Beach. (DAVID McNEW / Getty Images)
The Darth Maul action figure sticks out of the side of a tent next to the Edwards Newport Cinemas. (DAVID McNEW / Getty Images)
Damen Evans, left, and Chris Gage engage in a mock battle using toy “light sabers” from the Star Wars movies. (DAVID McNEW / Getty Images)