Bungalow - 1,185 sq.ft.
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Living in Small Spaces

Bungalow - 1,185 sq.ft.
A sliding glass-and-steel factory door opens up the master bedroom to the spacious deck at the rear of Mal and Maggie Ward’s home. (Joao Canziani / For The Times)
Town House - 1,100 sq.ft.
A long table built by the previous owners serves as a desk as well as a buffet table. (Danniel Hennessy / For The Times)
Town House - 1,300 sq.ft.
Arvind Manocha chose a monochromatic palette to help make his new home feel bigger. (Danniel Hennessy / For The Times)
Loft - 1,680 sq.ft.
All Reza Kohani took advantage of the loft’s tall ceiling to create a mezzanine bedroom area. (Joao Canziani / For The Times)
Condo - 800 sq.ft.
New teak floors help unify the space in Charlene and Larry Fitzgibbon’s condo, which overlooks Santa Monica Bay. (Joao Canziani / For The Times)
The lights are bright
The trailer park at Malibu’s Paradise Cove is a prosperous take on the refuge of the poor. (Danniel Hennessy / For The Times)