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This week in Travel - Jan. 8, 2006

Vineyards, like this one in Sonoma, were drenched but otherwise OK. Still, dozens of roads were closed. (John G. Mabanglo / European Pressphoto Agency)
Pampered camping
Four Seasons in Thailand offers tented accommodations. (Four Seasons)
Going to extremes
Ben Wheeler, free-skiing champ 2005, negotiates a cliff at the Snowbird resort in Utah. (Jon Marshall)
For the guys
There’s nothing frou-frou about the design of the Absolute Spa in Vancouver, Canada, with its black leather furniture and flat-screen TVs for watching sports. (Absolute Spa)
Gather ‘round
The 90-minute tours of Kartchner Caverns start at the Arizona state park’s Discovery Center, about an hour southeast of Tucson. (Arizona State Parks)
Ancient wonders
Arizona’s 21/2-mile-long Kartchner Caverns is thought to be one of the world’s most colorful and varied limestone cave structures. (Arizona State Parks)
Old-fashioned hospitality
St. Margaret’s Hotel in London is family-run and occupies four distinguished Georgian-style row houses built around 1800 on Bedford Place. (St. Margaret’s Hotel)
On the trail
A guide and hiker check out Tiburon, an island wildlife refuge where native Seris came in the mid-1800s after escaping a Mexican ghetto. (Susan Spano / LAT)
A succulent forest
Cactus and scrub brush thrive in the Sonoran Desert on the eastern side of the Gulf of California. (Susan Spano / LAT)
Local life
Guide Ernesto Molina and his wife in Punta Chueca, where Seris make a living selling crafts and licenses to hunt bighorn sheep. (Susan Spano / LAT)
Point West
The sun sets serenely beyond Old Kino pier and Alcatraz Island in the distance. (Susan Spano / LAT)
A Seri weaver in the village of Punta Chueca shows a basket she created. (Susan Spano / LAT)
Blue Mountains
The view from the bike saddle: The Rio Grande slices through the Blue Mountains. (Jamaica Tourist Board)
Bicycle tour
The misty, verdant Blue Mountains top out at 7,400 feet. At about 2,800 feet, we strapped on helmets for a downhill bike ride. “If the brake doesn’t work, meet you at the bottom,” joked guide Rohan Cheddar. Our reward at the end: Red Stripe beers and a chilly plunge into a pool at the base of the foaming Fishdunn Falls. (John Biemer / Chicago Tribune)
Bamboo rafts
The quintessential Port Antonio experience: a raft trip down the Rio Grande. The bamboo rafts stretch more than 30 feet but are only about 4 feet wide, with a two-person seat toward the back. Guides propel the crafts with a long pole plunged into the river bottom. (Jamaica Tourist Board)
Going broadway
Theater will be the main attraction of an eight-night trip to New York in April. (Frank Franklin II / AP)
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