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A riot of colors and patterns greets the shopper entering a fabric store in Myanmar. Visitors to other shops are tempted by blankets, clothing, kitchen utensils, jewelry and beautiful Burmese lacquerware. (Patricia Woeber)
The stairs up the steep bank of the Mekong River lead to a shopping village on Don Sao Island in Laos. Just yards away, large souvenir stalls, built of wood and bamboo with straw roofs, overflow with items for sale. (Patricia Woeber)
The market in the town of Thakilek in Myanmar, borders Mae Sai, Thailand. (Patricia Woeber)
The Oaks is one of three cottages on the 550-acre Anderson Valley guest ranch. The cottage features satellite TV and a high-end sound system, although guests might just prefer a good book and a valley view. (Craig Nakano / LAT)
A Pacific Northwest totem graces the Sun House in Ukiah, the home of painter Grace Carpenter Hudson and her husband, John. (Craig Nakano / LAT)
Street signs in Ukiah. (Craig Nakano / LAT)
City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a Buddhist training center that takes its name from the main meditation hall. (Patricia Woeber)
The Addo Elephant National Park herd has never been culled, and the animals are not suspicious of humans. (R. Paul Herman)
Elephants play on top of a dirt mound in Addo Elephant National Park. (R. Paul Herman)
Babies and mothers display loving relationships in Addo Elephant National Park. (Gayle Keck)
Flightless Dung Beetles are among the smaller wildlife in Addo Elephant National Park. (R. Paul Herman)
A family of elephants moves across the landscape creating road hazards. (R. Paul Herman)
A lion rests in Addo. Six lions have recently been introduced into the park; antelope and buffalo also live there. ()
Boca Raton Resort guests enjoy a buffet in the Cathedral room. The Florida resort includes five hotels spread over 356 acres. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
In Coral Gables, the Biltmore, built in 1926, served as a WWII military hospital, fell into disrepair, then was resurrected after a grass-roots campaign. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
James Deering had Vizcaya, in Miami, built between 1914 and 1916. The formal gardens are a fantasy of fountains and pools. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
Standard Oil’s Henry Flagler and family wintered at Whitehall, now the Flagler Museum, in Palm Beach. The library served as a reception area. (Flagler Museum)
Bill Harbach, retired TV producer and Croquet Hall of Fame player, practices croquet at The Breakers. The hotel is located on 140 acres along the Atlantic Ocean. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
A line of pillars shades the walkway to the ocean, pools and resturants at The Breakers. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
Kids swim in the largest hotel pool in the continental United States. The Biltmore pool holds 700,000 gallons of water and measures 23,000 sq feet. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
Fruit tarts at a luncheon at the Biltmore at Coral Gables. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
The tea house, inspired by a pavilion at Versailles, France, has a huge stone barge with Alexander Calder sculptures anchored in the bay. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)
James Deering, a bachelor, devoted the years 1914-16 to building Vizcaya, traveling to Europe with his designer to bring home furniture, doors and fireplaces. (Tom Ervin / For the Times)