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Rochon Armwood of Mother’s in New Orleans stands firmly behind the restaurant’s po’ boys. Its speciality is the Famous Ferdi: ham and roast beef. (Alex Brandon / For The Times)
Patrons at one of Tokyo’s many pachinko parlors work the gambling machines. Pachinko originated in Japan. (Beverly Beyette / LAT)
At the Hotel Triton in San Francisco, guests can stay at the eco-friendly room designed by Woody Harrelson. Ten percent of the room’s fees are donated to a nonprofit that the actor set up to conserve tropical rainforests. ()
Lions play at the new Lion Camp at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. (Tammy Spratt / Zoological Society of San Diego)
Disciples of Frank Lloyd Wright teach the architect’s principles at Taliesin West in Scottsdale. (Robin Rauzi / LAT)
The Black Watch passes Sydney Opera House in Australia on its around-the-world cruise. The ship carries 750 passengers. (Fred Olsen / Cruise Lines)