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The Dominican Republic’s Cabarete hotel is skateboarder-friendly. (The Ring Media)
Denmark will celebrate the bicentennial of Hans Christian Andersen’s birth. He will be honored in more than a dozen countries. (Odense City Museums)
An archer competes in the Mongolian festival that is likened to the Olympics. (Ellen Renstrom)
Ready for my close-up
Robert Margois of Rolling Hills snapped this shot on a strikingly clear summer day just outside Fox Glacier, which is on the western coast of New Zealand’s South Island. (Robert Margois)
The majestic Machhapuchhre, also called Fish Tail, is omnipresent. (Basil Pao)
The steep steps of Chomrung, where Palin begins his trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. (Basil Pao)
Michael Palin sips a mug of garlic soup while looking out over Machhapuchhre Mountain. (Basil Pao)
Michael Palin crosses a stream on the way to Derali. (Basil Pao)
The porters rest at Machhapuchhre Base Camp. (Basil Pao)
The forest slopes above Pokhara. (Basil Pao)
A cat springs through its target at Myanmar’s Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery. Monks have been training felines for 20 years at the “jumping cats monastery,” which sits on stilts over Inle Lake. (Kris Verhoeven)
The Ilulissat Ice Fiord at midnight. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
A humpback whale south of Nuuk. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
A tour boat idles among the icebergs. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
A skiff from the ferry that travels between Sisimiut and Nuuk maneuvers through a narrow inlet in the village of Kangamiut. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
The shipyard at Aasiaat, with brightly colored homes nearby. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
A child wears the traditional Greenlandic dress—kalaallisuut—for a school ceremony. (Thomas Curwen / LAT)
Casa Pueblo, the studio of artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, which also serves as a hotel and gallery space. (Stonek /
Sunbathers along Playa Mansa (Calm Beach), on the river side of the peninusla. (Wayne Walton / Lonely Planet Images)
Vibrant colors on homes and cars alike in Punta del Este. (Tom Cockrem / Lonely Planet Images)
Surfing at Playa Brava (Fierce Beach) on the Atlantic side. (Stonek /
Fishermen use cone bow nets to make their catches. The shallow, clear waters of Inle Lake enable them to see where the fish swim. (Juan Fernandez)
Children in uniform relax near their school in the village, which seems far removed from Nicaragua’s turbulent history. (John Morley)
Thatched restaurants line the San Juan del Sur beach. The village, nestled between sea and jungle, is popular with both tourists and Nicaraguans. (John Morley)
A bakery receives its regular delivery of cooking wood by oxcart, a form of transport that shares the road with pedestrians and trucks. No one seems to be in a rush in San Juan del Sur. (John Morley)
The Fremont Street Experience is a free light show projected onto the underside of a four-block-long metal canopy that arches over a pedestrian mall. Shows are at the top of the hour, from nightfall to midnight. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden at the Mirage Hotel. (Francine Orr / LAT)
The spa at the Westin Casuarina Hotel is a respite from the rush of Las Vegas. Still, it’s just a two-minute walk from the corner of Flamingo and the Strip, home to the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Bally’s. (Francine Orr / LAT)
The Elvis-a-Rama Museum is said to house $5 million worth of Presley memorabilia. The entrance fee automatically includes an Elvis show: $14.95 for the show, but the museum tour is extra. At the time of the author’s visit, the King’s blue suede shoes were on loan. (Francine Orr / LAT)
The Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Las Vegas houses pink Chilean flamingos, as well as endangered African penguins, Australian black swans, helmeted guinea fowl and various ducks. And it’s free. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Liberace Museum: Once as painfully tacky as Elvis-a-Rama, this off-Strip tribute to the man who invented over-the-top Vegas camp is now a respectable and seriously curated presentation. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Celine Dion’s “A New Day … " : It’s not that it’s a terrible show. Well, it was when it opened in 2003, but it’s refined itself since then and Celine looks better and chest-thumps less. But her music is so relaxing that it fails to deliver the jolt of energy that Vegas theater is supposed to give. (Francine Orr / LAT)
The Fremont Street Experience: Yes, it’s downtown, which loses points with lots of Vegas-goers. But aside from the Bellagio’s fountains, the best free spectacle in town is the astonishing, clever light show projected onto the underside of a four-block-long metal canopy that arches over a pedestrian mall. (Francine Orr / LAT)
Fire-thrower Jenn Shaub entertains the crowd along Roosevelt Row, downtown Phoenix’s more established gallery district. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Studio Triptych gallery on Grand Avenue shows works of emerging artists. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
People gather outside Paisley Violin, a neighborhood cafe that serves sandwiches such as “jamón, mozzarella and roasted pepper.” (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Dr. Rev Stephen D.F. Strange entertains the crowd by swallowing razor blades on the sidewalk along Roosevelt Street. (Bryan Chan / LAT)
Downtown gallery MonOrchid, with its high ceilings, is the originator of the First Friday scene. The monthly event attracts thousands of people. The following day, several art spaces host the Saturday After. (Bryan Chan / LAT)