The midlands
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Landmarks of terror

The midlands
Warwick Castle, seen from the tower of St. Mary’s Church, is in what was then predominantly Catholic countryside. (Graham Barclay / LAT)
The last Place
Some of the gunpowder conspirators were imprisoned and tortured in the Tower of London. (Graham Barclay / LAT)
Suspect detained
SUSPECT DETAINED: Conspirator Guy Fawkes, a Catholic soldier, is thought to have been taken to the Tower of London after his capture in 1605 and interrogated by the king’s counselor Robert Cecil and tortured there. (Graham Barclay / LAT)
Catholic queen
There’s a funeral effigy of Queen Anne of Denmark, the wife of James I, in a museum south of the Westminster Abbey sanctuary. (Graham Barclay / LAT)
Stained glass
Coughton Court, 10 miles northwest of Stratford-upon-Avon, has been the home of the high-ranking Catholic Throckmorton family for the last six centuries. (Graham Barclay / LAT)