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Video Games as Art?

Visitors to the “Bang the Machine” exhibit in San Francisco discuss digitally created images of famous news events. The exhibit is meant to inspire artists, says co-curator Henry Lowood. (Anne Dowie / For the Times)
Rene de Guzman, co-curator of the a video art exhibit at Yerba Center in San Francisco, discusses the installation behind him called Endgame: Waco Ressurection. Players don a David Koresh mask, say “I am David Koresh” to activate the computer and play. (Anne Dowie / For The Times)
A sample scene from one of the “Sims” games. (Electronic Arts)
Tracy Fullerton teaches a seminar on the aesthetic and cultural aspects of digital games at the USC School of Cinema and Television. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
USC film students view a cult film from the 1960s titled “The Tenth Victim,” which is considered to be the basis of many of today’s electronic games. A seminar at the USC School of Cinema and Television takes a closer look at the aesthetic and cultural aspects of digital video games. (Luis Sinco / LAT)
Celia Pearce, a UC Irvine instructor, poses next to one of her favorite games, “Grim Fandango.” (Béatrice de Géa / LAT)
A scene from “Grim Fandango,” designed by Tim Schafer. The game is the tale of a travel agent in the land of the dead. (Double Fine Productions)
Tim Shafer, president and CEO of Double Fine Productions, runs through his game “Psychonauts,” currently in production. (Anne Dowie / For The Times)
Tim Schafer’s next game is called “Psychonauts.” (Double Fine Productions)