A hearty breakfast
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Taste of Tijuana

A hearty breakfast of huevos divorciados at Sanborns (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Fresh corn tortillas at Tortillería la Poblanita (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
An array of wines at L.A. Cetto (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Cuban espresso at La Villa del Tobaco (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Crab quesadillas at Rincón San Román (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Chiles at a street market (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Talavera ware at H. Arnold (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
At Sanborns, waitresses dress in regional costumes and serve hearty, inexpensive breakfasts (about $5) that include juice, coffee and bolillos(ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
At Paletas y Nieves Lindo Michoacán, the frozen ices on a stick come in tropical and exotic flavors. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Panadería la Tapatia has a scrumptious assortment of pan dulce as well as some savory breads. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Chef Martin San Román could be anywhere, but prefers Tijuana. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Martin San Román puts a finishing touch on his panela appetizer. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Queso Panela Frito, an appetizer served at Rincón San Román, is garnished with strawberry coulis. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)