Odabashian and McNeely
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Faces of gay marriage in California

Ash McNeely, left, and Elisa Odabashian, right, with their children Baylor, 14, and Gavin, 17. “For more than 21 years, Ash and I have wanted to marry,” Odabashian said. “Our kids yearn for their parents to be married. Today, we have been told that we will get that basic human right to love and to have society acknowledge and honor our love and our family. We can’t wait for our kids to get home from school so we can tell them and see them beam!” (Andrew Weeks)
Jeffrey Winkler, left, and Linton Johnson had this to say about today’s same-sex marriage ruling: “We are completely excited and ecstatic! But admittedly, we are still a bit apprehensive about the potential ballot measure to change the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage. We hope the governor lives up to his word to defeat that constitutional amendment. In the meantime, we’re going to be out tonight to celebrate and to start making wedding plans!” ()
Sallyanne Monti and Mickey Neill, of Alameda and West Hollywood, at San Francisco City Hall on the day they were married, Feb. 16, 2004. (Handout)
Stuart Gaffney, 45, and John Lewis, 49, both of San Francisco, have been together 21 years. (Handout)