Seeking a crime suspect and a link
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Seeking a crime suspect and a link

Joseph Henry Burgess was identified as the prime suspect in the slaying of Ann Barbara Durrant and Leif Bertil Carlsson on June 27, 1972, as they slept near a secluded beach in British Columbia. Burgess’ obsessive views against premarital sex were believed by Canadian police to be the motive in the killings. This photograph of Burgess, which had been torn into pieces, was found along with other of his belongings on a trail to the beach. Burgess has never been apprehended. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Ann Barbara Durrant and Leif Bertil Carlsson were found shot to death in their makeshift tent near Radar Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada, in June 1972. Both had been shot multiple times with a .22-caliber rifle. The prime suspect in the killings, Joseph Henry Burgess, had bought a Gevarm .22-caliber, semiautomatic rifle on his way to British Columbia that spring (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
Ann Barbara Durrant, 20, and Leif Bertil Carlsson, 19, were killed June 27, 1972, near Radar Beach on Vancouver Island, Canada. Two days earlier, the prime suspect, Joseph Henry Burgess, had complained to a woman on the beach about the unmarried couple. He did not approve of their being together, the woman told investigators. Despite a high-profile manhunt and an international arrest warrant, Burgess was never caught. (America’s Most Wanted)
A Sonoma County Sheriff’s helicopter drops off investigators at a remote beach north of Jenner, Calif., on Aug. 19, 2004, after the discovery of two bodies. Lindsay Cutshall, 23, of Ohio, and Jason Allen, 26, of Michigan, had each been shot once in the head with a .45-caliber Marlin rifle. The circumstances -- an unwed couple shot in their heads while sleeping on an isolated beach -- were similar to those of the Radar Beach slayings 32 years earlier. Both cases remain unsolved. (Christopher Chung / Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
Jason Allen, 26, of Michigan and Lindsay Cutshall, 23, of Ohio at their wedding shower in May 2004. Three months later, on a trip to California, the soon-to-be-married Christian camp counselors were found shot to death in their sleeping bags on a remote Sonoma County beach. The case is similar to the slaying of another unmarried couple sleeping on a secluded beach on Vancouver Island, Canada, 35 years ago. Both couples had been shot in the head, and both double homicides remain unsolved. (AP Photo / via The Coshocton Tribune)