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Rally against budget cuts

Rally Sign
Sheri Holguin, 31, a teacher from Rialto, protests at a San Bernardino rally against threatened teacher layoffs, sending a message to state Sen. Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga), the new vice chairman of the Senate budget panel. Educators are not satisfied with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s revised budget. The hit to schools has been scaled back significantly from his January plan, but reductions are still proposed. The plan does not provide a cost-of-living increase. And some programs, including transportation, class-size reduction and counseling, still face a 10% cut. (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)
Rally crowd
Educators and their supporters rally in San Bernardino against threatened budget cuts and teacher layoffs. The governor’s revised, $144.4-billion spending plan would restore $1.8 billion for schools while making deep cuts in welfare and healthcare for the infirm, legal immigrants and impoverished parents. It would steer an $828-million windfall of gas tax revenue away from public transportation programs and into patching California’s $15.2-billion budget gap. (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)
Mary Garrison, 35, of Colton holds her tired 5-year-old daughter, Marina, while listening to speakers at the rally. The challenge that the governor and lawmakers face is daunting. The state has dropped $6 billion further into the red since January, when California was already struggling financially. (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)
Cuts Hurt
Susan Broderick, a PTA mother from Redlands, joins the rally to show her support for teachers protesting threatened budget cuts. Democrats are demanding that schools and other services not be cut. The state Department of Education estimates that, in real terms, the governor’s proposed budget represents a $193-million increase over last year’s $56.6 billion in funding. (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)
Jack O’Connell, state superintendent of public instruction, addresses teachers rallying against threatened budget cuts. He later told a Los Angeles news conference that despite the state Department of Education’s estimates that the revised budget plan represents a $193-million increase over last year’s $56.6 billion in funding, “no one can say the schools are being fully funded.” (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)
Lynette Smilac, 53, left, and others applaud a speaker at a teachers rally in San Bernardino to protest threatened budget cuts and teacher layoffs. State legislative leaders say they are skeptical of the governor’s latest budget proposals. Some Republicans and Democrats call it accounting gimmickry. Schwarzenegger says he is undeterred by the torrent of negative reaction. “I always look at what is the end result,” he said. (Irfan Kahn / Los Angeles Times)