Point Sal State Beach
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Point Sal State Beach cutoff

A hiker explores the trail to Point Sal State Beach. Vandenberg Air Force Base officials closed the only public trail leading to the beach and began issuing citations in an effort to protect the base’s missile programs from security threats. Officials now say they will merely escort people off the base rather than issue any more citations. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Melanie Callaway, right, hikes the trail with her friend Lori Bright. Callaway was sentenced to perform community service after being charged with trespassing on a hike earlier this year. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Melanie Callaway, left, and Lori Bright look at a structure on the base that security officials sometimes use as a guard station. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Hikers make their way back to the trail head after turning around because of the barricade. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
An Air Force photo shows a Sept. 28 missile launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Military officials say one reason they closed the trail is because hikers have been found on the beach during missile tests, when the area is off-limits. (Joe Davila / USAF)