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A family that endures

The four Lee orphans were hours away from being separated by county officials. That’s when writer-producer Gavin Glynn (center) stepped in. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)
Shane Lee, right, hugs his foster brother Iby. Shane is a junior majoring in communications at San Francisco State. Iby, a seventh-grader at Eco STAR Prep Academy in Culver City, wants to be a veterinarian. (Gary Friedman, Los Angeles Times)
Gavin Glynn (not pictured) adopted a child, then took in four orphaned teenagers. The last of the four is turning 18 now; Glynn managed to get all four into college. (Gary Friedman, Los Angeles Times)
Gavin Glynn kisses Mathew Gramajo, the son of his foster daughter, Emily Lee, center. Six years ago, Glynn was adopting Iby, seated at left, when he took in Emily and her siblings — Shane, standing at left; Patrick, right; and Grace, not pictured. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)
Gavin at his home holding family photos. (Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times)