Head of California State Athletic Commission resigns


SACRAMENTO — The executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission has resigned, two weeks after being censured for mishandling the finances of the agency that regulates boxing and mixed martial arts in the state, officials said Tuesday.

Executive Officer George Dodd notified the board that he would step down effective July 31.

His agency has been in turmoil for overspending its budget and is facing a state audit. Last month, the commission censured Dodd “for not adequately informing the commission about the insolvency of the Athletic Commission fund.”

The commission is part of the state Department of Consumer Affairs, which recently warned that the athletic fund would finish the fiscal year that ended last month about $35,000 in the hole. The department said the spending plan for this year could reach $700,000 more than the $1.2 million expected in revenue unless changes are made.

Dodd, who had his powers curtailed by the commission, made no mention of the financial problems in a brief resignation letter to the commission. It’s time, he said, “to move on to new opportunities and challenges that are not available to me here.”