Brown booby bird is nesting for first time in Channel Islands National Park

A brown booby sits on a mooring line between the ships Denebola and Antares in Baltimore’s Inner Har
A seabird known as the brown booby is nesting for the first time in California’s Channel Islands National Park. This brown booby was photographed on a mooring line in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.
(Jerry Jackson / AP)

A seabird known as the brown booby is nesting for the first time in Channel Islands National Park.

The discovery, announced Tuesday, means the bird that is usually found in tropical or subtropical zones appears to have extended its range farther north than previously seen.

A news release from the park says biologists discovered four nests and 102 individual birds on a rocky islet of Santa Barbara Island. Adult birds appeared to be either incubating eggs or tending to young in the nests.

The discovery means there are now 14 species of breeding seabirds that rely on the park.


The brown booby is known for making spectacular dives for surface fish from up to 50 feet. They lay their eggs on bare ground on islands, then make nests with sticks, rocks and vegetation.


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