Live cam: Baby hummingbirds

A La Verne hummingbird nest is providing fascinating viewing for nature lovers after two tiny babies hatched earlier this month.

A live cam is focused in close on the mom and her offspring, who can be seen wriggling in the nest, their bright yellow beaks opening wide.

Hummingbird eggs are the smallest of all bird eggs, and the babies they produce can fit on a quarter "on George Washington's forehead," as former pet and wildlife columnist Gary Bogue put it.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The cam is courtesy of Explore, an organization started by Charles Annenberg Weingarten that has installed multiple cameras in parks and facilities in countries including the U.S., Canada, Britain, Germany and China. Weingarten is the grandson of billionaire philanthropist Walter Annenberg.

Explore has cameras on sharks, barracudas , beluga whales, puffins, bears and the list goes on.

Watch these hummingbird nestlings while you can, though. They are a week old, and hummingbirds fly 18 to 30 days after birth.

Amazing photos of hummingbird mom, babies

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