Another snake seized from man arrested with python around his neck


A second snake has been seized from a San Diego man who was arrested a week ago on suspicion of drunk driving with a python around his neck.

Travis Eisner-Young, 27, was arrested Sept. 16 on suspicion of driving his pedicab while drunk. When police found him, he had a ball python around his neck.

Now, a boa constrictor found in Eisner-Young’s hotel room has also been seized by the Department of Animal Services. Animal Services personnel went to the hotel room with San Diego police after learning that Eisner-Young had at least one more snake.


The boa constrictor is “in poor condition,” said Daniel DeSousa, deputy director of the Department of Animal Services.

The boa constrictor and the ball python are now at a veterinary hospital that specializes in exotic animals.

Eisner-Young was arrested in the downtown Gaslamp District when tourists became alarmed at the sight of the ball python. The python was found to be suffering from dehydration, anemia and starvation, county officials said.

Eisner-Young has relinquished ownership of the ball python. As for the boa constrictor, he has “neither relinquished that snake nor requested a hearing to contest the seizure of the reptile,” DeSousa said.

Ball pythons and boa constrictors are not venomous and can be purchased at pet stores as pets.