Are your sidewalks worse than these? Submit your photos to The Times

Do you think the sidewalk in front of your house is in bad — or even dangerous — shape?

Here’s your chance to check out photos of other cracked and crumbling L.A. walkways submitted to The Times by a few of your fellow residents.

Are they better or worse than yours? If you send us a picture of your sidewalk, we will add it to our database of slipping slabs and perhaps help city officials figure out which to fix first as they prepare to spend nearly $1.4 billion on sidewalk repairs over the next 30 years.

With 10,000 miles of concrete and asphalt paths in the city, officials once estimated that more than 4,500 were in need of repair.

As part of its coverage of the issue, The Times created this submission page to share photos and comments related to broken and buckled sidewalks in the city. Readers also can explore records of complaints about sidewalks for their streets and neighborhoods using The Times' interactive map.

So take a look, and join your neighbors by contributing your own pictures.

Submitted by "kbaaske"

Address: 443 Lewis St., 90042

Neighborhood: Highland Park

Comment: A LARGE tree that grew between the sidewalk and curb raised the sidewalk and destroyed the curb. Much of the tree came down in the November 2011 windstorm. The rest was brought down by the city shortly thereafter. Repairs of the sidewalk and curb have languished despite the obvious fact that the sidewalk is impassible by anyone in a wheelchair.

Submitted by "EdCarter"

Address: Beverly Boulevard south of Highland Avenue, 90036

Neighborhood: Hancock Park

Comment: A row of big ficus trees have pretty much taken over this block of Beverly Boulevard. Asphalt patches don't help much.

Submitted by "noisyguy"

Address: 820 S. Cloverdale Ave., 90036

Neighborhood: Mid-Wilshire

Comment: If the tree won't bend for the sidewalk, maybe the sidewalk should bend for the tree....

Submitted by ''md000003"

Address: 1828 Ivar Ave., 90028

Neighborhood: Hollywood

Submitted by ''tree roots"

Address: 16591 Sunset Blvd., 90272

Neighborhood: Pacific Palisades

Comment: Damaged concrete sidewalk caused by tree roots. "Quick-fix:" It was patched by the city with asphalt years ago (though the underlying roots were never removed) -- it's an ongoing problem. It currently exceeds the minimum ADA requirements for permissible cross-slope at public walkways. It's an AWFUL and HAZARDOUS condition for pedestrians in the neighborhood.

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