Man finds $175,000 in pot in backyard, then things get weird
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Odd news 2012: ‘Cooked’ wives, sidewalk lungs ... Mayor Kim Kardashian?

A Silver Lake man’s attempt to install solar panels at his home was interrupted when he found $175,000 worth of marijuana -- bottled, bundled and vacuumed-sealed -- stowed in a vault under a backyard hot tub.
More: ‘Oh. My. God. Someone’s coming back for this.’ (Courtesy of Mack Reed)
Rocks an Orange County woman collected while visiting San Onofre State Beach with her family burst into flames in the pocket of her cargo shorts in May. Tests revealed a “phosphorous substance” on the rocks, but that discovery only added to the mystery.
More: Flaming beach rock victim has undergone two skin-graft surgeries (Orange County Health Care Agency)
An L.A. woman was arrested in January after she approached a Burbank McDonald’s manager, told him she was hungry and asked him for free McNuggets in exchange for sexual favors. She was also seen opening car doors of customers waiting in the late-night drive-through.
More: Sex-for-McNuggets suspect was hungry, homeless  (Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images)
A transient who broke into LL Cool J’s home in August suffered a broken nose and jaw at the action star’s hands. The actor, who rose to fame with the aptly named hit song “Mama Said Knock You Out,” later told authorities that he acted out of concern for his family.
More: LL Cool J ‘safe’ after violent confrontation (Ethan Miller / Getty Images)
In March, neighbors told police “Kony 2012" creator Jason Russell was running naked in the streets of his Pacific Beach neighborhood, pounding his fists on the sidewalk and shouting incoherently -- a bystander caught the meltdown on video. Russell’s family said he was suffering from “extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration.”
Video: ‘Kony’ creator hospitalized for ‘reactive psychosis’ (Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)
Talk about road rage. A Palo Alto woman was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in April after she bit a woman who slid into the parking space she was waiting for in San Francisco.
More: Multiple bite marks found on victim’s chest (Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)
A volunteer with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals requested the city of Irvine erect a memorial on the street corner where 1,600 pounds of live fish died in October when a container truck was involved in a crash. The city said it had no plans for a monument.
More: PETA requests fish memorial (PETA)
Police say Frederick Joseph Hengl of Oceanside killed and cooked his wife. After neighbors reported a strange smell and hearing the sound of a power saw, police found pieces of meat cooking on the stove at the family home and a severed head in the freezer.
More: “No evidence of cannibalism.” (Unknown )
Kim Kardashian said she is “for real” about plans to run for Glendale mayor in a few years in a March video clip from from E!'s “Khloe and Lamar.” She told Politico she had met with a few Glendale councilmen, but did not commit to a run for office. For now, we’ll have to “stay tuned.”
Video: Kim Kardashian mulls run for Glendale mayor -- ‘for real’ (Hasan Jamali / Associated Press)
A chef accused of killing and cooking his wife said he packed her body into a large drum and boiled it in water over four days. David Viens said he poured much of what remained into the grease trap of his Lomita restaurant and threw other remains in the trash.
More: “I cooked her four days, I let her cool, I strained it out.” (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)
An Irvine couple planted drugs in the car of a PTA president and school volunteer in an attempt to get her arrested, police said. Prosecutors said the couple believed the woman was not properly supervising their son and hatched a scheme against her in retaliation.
Video: Victim said she thought she was on a “joke show.” (Irvine Police Department)
California Fish and Game officials lured the 400-pound “Glen Bearian” to a trap using a path of French fries.
More: “Meatball” staying at Club Med for bears (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)
A man climbed a downtown Los Angeles radio tower, shedding his clothes as he went. Completely bare, he requested McDonald’s hamburgers from police.
More: Naked man and a bag of burgers (KTLA-TV / Channel 5)
A Javan macaque monkey (the type pictured above) being fed juice and Frosted Flakes was quarantined after the illegal pet bit a woman several times on the arm and fingers. The monkey can deliver a severe, dog-like bite.
More: Official: Bad pet, bad diet, bad idea (Bill Morris / Animal Planet)
Eyewitnesses who watched a bizarre police pursuit unfold in front of them on the streets of South Los Angeles described a chaotic scene that one woman said “was like in the movies.” Robbery suspects led police on a high-speed chase that ended with a mob scrambling behind the SUV for money that was flying out the window.
Video: Frenzied dash for cash during South L.A. police chase (KTLA-TV / Channel 5)
A pair of lungs were found on a South Los Angeles sidewalk. No body, just lungs -- a situation that a coroner’s official deemed “a little strange.”
Video: Officials determine source of lungs (KTLA-TV / Channel 5)
The much-anticipated Fourth of July fireworks show in San Diego was ruined when a glitch caused all the pyrotechnics to ignite at once. Hundreds of thousands of spectators had waited hours for the show, which was supposed to have lasted 18 minutes. The event is one of the largest in the nation. The Big Bay Boom ended up lasting about 15 seconds.
Video: Big Bay Boom bust (James Gregg / Associated Press)