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Joseph Young

Joseph Young in 1975. Behind him is his best-known work, the Triforium at the Los Angeles Civic Center. (LAT)
Young at work in his L.A. studio in the early 1950s. (David Shore)
Officials lighted a newly restored Triforium at Temple and Main streets in December 2006. The sculpture had problems since its unveiling in 1975. (Myung J Chun/LAT)
Students contemplate Young’s Los Angeles Holocaust Monument in Pan Pacific Park, his last major commission. (Don Bartletti/LAT)
Young’s black granite Holocaust Memorial was dedicated in 1992. Here, visitors gather for a Holocaust remembrance day in April 2006. (Spencer Weiner/LAT)
A mosaic mural by Young has adorned the north face of the Hall of Records since 1962. The abstract view of L.A County and its water resources had fallen into disrepair, but renovations are set to be completed next month. (LAT)