Evel Knievel
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Evel Knievel | 1938-2007

Evel Knievel made motorcycles fly, as he did here during a practice session at the old Ascot Park in Gardena. The image of Knievel soaring over a line of parked cars is one reason he became famous; another reason is the image of him crashing, which he did frequently. (Los Angeles Times)
One of Knievel’s most audacious stunts was his attempt to cross the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in a craft he called the Sky Cycle X-2. The jump failed when the parachute on the vehicle opened prematurely. (Associated Press)
Knievel’s red-white-and-blue jumpsuits added to his flashy image. (Associated Press)
“Broken legs and arms mean nothing to me anymore,” Knievel once said. “It only hurts for a while.” (File)
Knievel’s Sky Cycle X-2 sinks into the Snake River Canyon as spectators, who paid $25 apiece for tickets, watch. (Associated Press)
Knievel at Snake River Canyon before his attempted jump in 1974. (Associated Press)
Knievel sails over 13 Mack trucks at a Toronto stadium. (Associated Press)
Knievel jumps over six Mack trucks in Cleveland. (Associated Press)
Knievel, center in sunglasses, leaves downtown L.A.'s Hall of Justice in December 1977, heading for his Stutz convertible. (Los Angeles Times)
The daredevil starred as himself in the 1977 movie “Viva Knievel!” (Warner Bros. / AP)
By his own account, Knievel led a life of crime in his early years -- “I robbed so many safes in Oregon that one of the newspapers said it looked like somebody was dropping bombs through the roofs,” he once said -- and even at the height of his celebrity he occasionally found himself in trouble with the law. Here, he rides in a sheriff’s van outside the Santa Monica courthouse, heading for jail. (Los Angeles Times)
Robbie Knievel, right, followed his father’s path, becoming a motorcycle daredevil himself. (Associated Press)
Knievel arrives at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for his wedding to Krystal Kennedy. The hotel-casino also was the site of one his most famous jump attempts -- a 1968 stunt that ended disastrously and left him unconscious for 31 days. (Laura Rauch / Associated Press)
Knievel, then 61, kisses his new bride, 30-year-old Krystal Kennedy, at Caesars Palace. (John Gurzinski AFP/Getty Images)
Knievel was born in Butte, Mont., and spent some of his later years there. In this September 2001 photo, he’s shown at his home with his dog, Rocket. (Walter Hinick / Montana Standard via AP)
“If God had wanted you to hang on to money, he’d have put handles on it, so you could carry it around like a suitcase,” Knievel once said. (Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)
In his later years, a lung ailment tethered Knievel to an oxygen tank. Here he is with his son, Robbie, at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Mont. (Walter Hinick / Montana Standard via AP)
Knievel was given an award at the ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. (Kevin Winter / Getty Images)