Jacob Daniel DeShazer
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Jacob Daniel DeShazer | 1912-2008

Jacob Daniel DeShazer joined the Army Air Corps and volunteered for a secret mission, the historic Doolittle Raid on Japan during World War II. He died March 15 at his home in Salem, Ore. He was 95. (U.S. Air Force photo)
DeShazer, a prisoner of war who became a Free Methodist missionary in Japan after he was freed, preaches to a group of youngsters in 1952. He had been captured in Japanese-occupied China after his plane ran out of fuel following the Doolittle Raid. (Associated Press)
DeShazer holds an outdoor missionary meeting in Tokyo in 1949. After he was released from prison, he returned to the United States to study at Seattle Pacific College, a Christian school. There he met his wife, and the two moved to Japan in 1948 to preach the Gospel. (Charles Gorry / Associated Press)
DeShazer greets a young member of his Tokyo congregation in January 1949. He embraced the Christian faith after reading a Bible given to him by a guard while in prison. He vowed that if he were ever freed, he would share what he had learned with the Japanese. (Associated Press)
DeShazer attends a commemoration of the Doolittle Raiders in 2002. Eleven of the bombers are still alive. (Bruce L. Flashnick / Associated Press)