Suzanne Pleshette
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Suzanne Pleshette | 1937-2008

Suzanne Pleshette with Roberto Orlandi in the 1962 romantic drama “Rome Adventure,” one of two films in which she appeared with Troy Donahue, to whom she was married for eight months in 1964. (File)
Suzanne Pleshette, shown in 1963, when she was working for Warner Bros., was later described by Newhart series co-creator David Davis as “bubble-headed but smart, loving toward her husband but relentless about his imperfections.” (Warner Bros.)
Suzanne Pleshette starred in the 1969 film comedy “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium.” (File)
Suzanne Pleshette appeared in an episode of “The Wild Wild West” television series in 1965. She is flanked by stars Ross Martin, left, and Robert Conrad. (TNT)
Suzanne Pleshette co-starred in “The Bob Newhart Show” from 1972 to 1978. Actress Ann Rutherford, right, appeared in two episodes. (CBS)
Suzanne Pleshette in 1979, when she starred with Dom DeLuise in the comedy film “Hot Stuff.” (File)
Suzanne Pleshette and her second husband, Tom Gallagher, in 1980. She briefly retired from acting in 1968 after marrying the wealthy businessman. He died in 2000. (LAT)
In the 1983 TV movie “Dixie: Changing Habits,” Suzanne Pleshette played a New Orleans bordello operator sentenced to 90 days in a convent. (CBS)
In “Alone in the Neon Jungle,” a 1988 CBS movie, Suzanne Pleshette starred as a police captain assigned to clean up the most corrupt and demoralized precinct in Pittsburgh. (CBS)
Suzanne Pleshette starred in “A Stranger Waits,” a made-for-TV suspense thriller in 1987. (CBS)
Suzanne Pleshette and Bob Newhart in a scene from the “The Bob Newhart Show 19th Anniversary Special’” in 1991. She told TV Guide, “Bob is just like my husband, Tommy, letting me go bumbling and stumbling through life.” (CBS)
In 1994, Suzanne Pleshette and Hal Linden starred in the CBS TV sitcom “The Boys Are Back.” They played a middle-aged couple who had to deal with the reverse of “empty nest syndrome.” (CBS)
Suzanne Pleshette guest starred along with Peter Boyle, left, in a 1997 episode of “The Single Guy,” starring Jonathan Silverman, right. Pleshette and Boyle played the divorced parents of Silverman’s character. (NBC)
Suzanne Pleshette with fellow cast members of the NBC series “Good Morning, Miami” (2002-03). From left are Brooke Dillman, Pleshette, Mark Feuerstein, Ashley Williams, Jere Burns and Tessie Santiago. Pleshette appeared in two episodes. (Paul Drinkwater / NBC)
Suzanne Pleshette and her third husband, actor Tom Poston, arrive at the Emmy Award show in 2002 at the Shrine Auditorium. They met — and dated — when they appeared together in a 1959 Broadway show. They were both dealing with the deaths of their spouses in 2000, when they resumed dating and were married the next year. He died in April. (Robert Gauthier / LAT)
Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette backstage at the Emmy Awards show in 2002 at the Shrine Auditorium. On the set of “The Bob Newhart Show,” Newhart found himself outtalked by the famously loquacious Pleshette about 12 to 1 “but professed to be unperturbed by the phenomenon,” a TV Guide story said. (LAT)
Suzanne Pleshette with MCA mogul Lew Wasserman, center, and Jack Valenti, longtime head of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, at a benefit for the Jules Stein Eye Institute in 2003. (Stefano Paltera / For The Times)