End of the world? Close -- a mix-up with Sunday crossword


The crossword in Sunday’s Arts & Books section was titled “The Last Sunday Crossword” and noted that according to the Mayan calendar, the world was going to end “this Friday, Dec. 21.”

But, of course, “this” Friday is not Dec. 21 – it’s the 14th.

Also, the solution to “last week’s” puzzle didn’t match the puzzle that ran Dec. 2. (A note to this effect ran in Tuesday’s For the Record column.)


So what happened?

Many inquiring minds want to know. Goofing up the crossword is almost like the end of the world – except with Internet and phone service.

Reader Durga Bhoj of Rancho Cucamonga was the first to put it together. “Looks like next week’s crossword was printed in error?” Bhoj wrote.


The puzzle printed Sunday was actually the one intended for Dec. 16. And the solution for “last week” was the solution for the puzzle intended for Dec. 9 (“Sounds of the Season”), not the Dec. 2 puzzle (“Heard the Good Word”).

So, we’re going to fix this as best we can.

On Dec. 16, the crossword intended for Dec. 9 (“Sounds of the Season”) will run. And there will be two sets of solutions: the one for the Dec. 2 puzzle (“Heard the Good Word”) and the one for the puzzle published Dec. 9 (“The Last Sunday Crossword”).

Assuming the Mayan apocalypse does not come to pass, we’ll run the Dec. 23 puzzle on its proper date. And we will re-run the solution to “Sounds of the Season,” as that’s the puzzle being published on Dec. 16.

For a sneak preview of “Sounds of the Season,” you can go to The Times’ online crossword page, which has the puzzles in the proper order. Or you can download a printable version from creator Merl Reagle’s website.


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