Spiky road warrior dresses
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The Ministry presents: horrible 2009 fashion trends that must live forever

Spiky road warrior dresses
Champions: Rihanna, Katy Perry and anybody who’s a fan of the high-fashion design duo the Blonds. A few spikes on the shoulder (a la Fergie) are not enough ... (Theo Wargo / Getty Images)
Spiky road warrior dresses, Part 2
... that’s Auntie Entity (not full-on “Road Warrior”). (Beitia Archives / Digital Press)
Hair on top of the head, but none on the sides of the head
Think jarhead Tobey Maguire in “Brothers,” or Rihanna in -- all the time. It’s fun to wonder how much hair one can pile on top of one’s head before it starts spilling over into the forbidden side-of-the-head zone. (Lorey Sebastian / Lionsgate)
Hobo drifter Buddha facial scruff
There was a lot of good men’s facial scruff this year, but unless it’s braided -- I’m looking at you, Brad Pitt -- it ain’t 2009. (Koji Sasahara / Associated Press)
Lobster claw shoes
OK, so, these were never really a trend, and to be totally up front about it, designer Alexander McQueen calls them armadillo shoes, or something, but if Lady Gaga wears it -- and in a video, mind you, something that can mesmerize you over and over again, not just once on a red carpet -- then it is hereby dubbed 2009 fashion. Besides ... (Francois Guillot AFP / Getty Images)
Lobster claw shoes, Part 2
... there was also Daphne Guinness(Mike Coppola / Getty Images)
Quite dastardly Michael Caine glasses
I will not say that Justin Timberlake rocked these big black frames this year, because, like booties, after this post, I will never use the word “rocked” in that capacity again. But he did wear them quite well, and I’m sure whatever artful Italian heists he pulled were a smashing success.

-- Leslie Gornstein

This gallery of celebrity fashion trends so bad they should be immortalized has been brought to you by the Ministry of Gossip. Follow us on Twitter @LATcelebs and on Facebook at facebook.com/ministryofgossip. Bonus points if you follow us in a pair of those lobster claw shoes. (Gabriel Bouys / AFP / Getty Images)