In the Air Force
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Hosni Mubarak over the years

In the Air Force
An image of Hosni Mubarak shows him as a young Royal Egyptian Air Force Lieutenant before the revolution that deposed King Farouk in 1952. Mubarak rose through the Air Force ranks. (AFP/Getty Images)
Vice President Mubarak
An undated picture shows then-Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, left, waving to a crowd as Vice President Hosni Mubarak, right, rides beside him. (AFP/Getty Images)
The day of Sadat’s assassination
Hosni Mubarak, left, and Anwar Sadat attend a military parade on Oct. 6, 1981, in Cairo. Sadat, Egypt’s president, was assassinated during the parade. Mubarak became president. (AFP/Getty Images)
Anwar Sadat’s assassination
Smoke rises after a grenade exploded in front of the reviewing stand where Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was reviewing the military parade Oct. 6, 1981. Sadat was assassinated by soldiers who fired automatic weapons and threw grenades. A man runs for cover as an assassin, behind him, shoots into the stands. (Associated Press)
Mubarak becomes president
President Hosni Mubarak, sworn in Oct. 14, 1981. (Associated Press)
Mubarak and his cabinet
New Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, center, with his new cabinet. (Bill Foley / Associated Press)
At the White House
U.S. President Ronald Reagan, center, King Hussein of Jordan, left, and President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt walk outside the White House(Barry Thumma / Associated Press)
Addressing his party
Hosni Mubarak addresses the National Democratic Party in Cairo in July, 1993. The month before, gunmen had tried to assassinate the Egyptian president in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. Mubarak’s bodyguards killed two assailants and wounded a third. The president was not hurt. (AFP/Getty Images)
Another term as president
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak waves to members of the Egyptian Parliament in 1999 after taking the oath of office for a fourth time. (Enric Marti / Associated Press)
Mubarak with Bush
President George W. Bush shakes hands with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, right, after the Multilateral Summit in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, in 2003. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press)
Mubarak in Germany
Mubarak shakes hands with Dr. Michael Mayer, left, who operated on the Egyptian president’s back in Munich, Germany, in 2004. (Frank Leonhardt / AFP/Getty Images)
Mubarak in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, shakes hands with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during a 2004 meeting in the Kremlin. (Vladimir Rodionov / Pool)
Mubarak in Spain
President Mubarak holds a news conference in Madrid. In response to calls for democratic reform, he said a multi-candidate election would be held for the office of the presidency. Until then Egyptians voted in a yes-no referendum in which Mubarak was the sole choice. (Emilio Naranjo / European Pressphoto Agency)
Brutal repression
Egyptian plainclothes police officers clash with opposition activists at a protest in central Cairo(Associated Press)
Election campaign
Mubarak supporters hold a poster of him at a campaign rally in Alexandria for the 2005 presidential elections. Official results gave him 88.6% of the votes cast. (Mike Nelson / European Pressphoto Agency)
Mubarak in South Africa
Hosni Mubarak reviews an honor guard during a visit in 2008 to Pretoria, South Africa. (Alexander Joe / AFP/Getty Images)
Mubarak’s ruling party
Hosni Mubarak greets supporters at the opening session of the annual congress of his ruling National Democratic Party in 2008. (Khaled Desouki / AFP/Getty Images)
Hosni Mubarak | 2009
President Hosni Mubarak delivers a speech during the annual congress of his ruling National Democratic Party in 2009. (Amr Nabil / Associated Press)
Mubarak’s ailing health
Mubarak at the presidential palace in Cairo. For the last year he has been dogged by rumors of ailing health, especially after he underwent gall bladder surgery in Germany in March 2010. (Amr Nabil / Associated Press)
Mubarak is out
Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman makes the announcement that President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down. (Egypt TV / Associated Press)
Celebration in Cairo
Tahrir Square erupts in joy at the news of Mubarak’s exit. “In 30 years, I haven’t felt freedom,” said Salah Amad, a steel worker. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)
Celebrating Mubarak’s ouster
Protesters in Tahrir Square celebrate the announcement of President Hosni Mubarak‘s resignation. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)
Egypt braces for the Mubarak verdict
An Egyptian woman shouts slogans and holds a poster of a protester killed during the 2011 uprising in front of policemen outside the police academy courtroom as the country braces for a verdict in the trial of ousted president Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, Egypt on Saturday. The 84-year-old Mubarak, the first Arab leader to be tried by his own people, faces charges of complicity in the killing of some 900 protesters during last year’s uprising that forced him from power. (Amr Nabil / Associated Press)
Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president
Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president Hosni Mubarak (portraits) wait for the verdict outside the courthouse in Cairo on June 2, 2012. (Khaled Desouki / AFP / Getty Images)
Mubarak sentenced to life in prison
Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak sits inside a cage in a courtroom during his verdict hearing in Cairo on Saturday. A judge sentenced Mubarak to life in prison after convicting him of involvement in the murder of protesters during the uprising that ousted him last year. (STR / AFP / Getty Images)
Celebrating the life sentence
An Egyptian man reacts to the verdict against former President Hosni Mubarak outside the police academy courtroom in Cairo on Saturday. (Fredrik Persson / Associated Press)