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Photos: Chappaquiddick and Ted Kennedy

Sen. Edward Kennedy‘s car is pulled from the water off a bridge on Massachusetts’ Chappaquiddick Island. The body of Mary Kopechne, of Washington, D.C., was found in the rear seat. Her death was attributed to drowning. Kennedy’s public image and political fortunes suffered an indelible stain from the crash. (Associated Press)
Mary Jo Kopechne, shown in an undated photo. Kennedy, who denied having an intimate relationship with Kopechne, said he had been giving her a ride from the party they had attended so she could catch a ferry. (Associated Press)
Kennedy’s car is pulled from the water. (Associated Press)
Curious onlookers inspect Sen. Ted Kennedy‘s car. Kennedy recounted that he took a wrong turn and drove the car off a narrow wooden bridge and into a tidal pond. The car toppled over on its roof. Kennedy said he tried to rescue his passenger and that he suffered a “cerebral concussion as well as shock” in the accident. He said that might explain “the various inexplicable, inconsistent and inconclusive things I said and did,” including his failure to notify authorities for 10 hours. This delay, he said, was “indefensible.” (Associated Press)
Sen. Edward Kennedy leaves the ferry from Chappaquiddick Island heading toward Edgartown, Mass., later in the day after the early-morning incident that ended in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. (Associated Press)
Tourists pause outside the Martha’s Vineyard house where the party attended by Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne was held July 18, 1969. The party was a reunion for campaign workers from Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Kopechne was among those workers. (Associated Press)
A ferry with a car on board crosses from Edgartown, Mass., to Chappaquiddick Island. According to an account given by Kennedy in a televised speech carried nationwide a week after the accident, the party went on until the early hours. Kopechne, one of the campaign aides, wanted to go back to Martha’s Vineyard, where the group was staying. Kennedy volunteered to drive her to the ferry. (Associated Press)
Sen. Kennedy is shown on TV as he spoke to the nation about the events of Chappaquiddick. He left the question of whether he should remain in office up in the air, for further consideration by both himself and the people of Massachusetts(Associated Press)
Kennedy walks into the Senate wing on his first day back at the Capitol after the July 18 accident. (Henry Burroughs / Associated Press)
Kennedy and wife Joan leave a chartered plane on Martha’s Vineyard on their way to the inquest into the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. (J. Walter Green / Associated Press)
Police stand with the press and spectators in front of Dukes County Courthouse, in Edgartown, Mass., as they wait for the inquest report into the death of Kopechne. (Associated Press)
Sen. Kennedy and wife Joan at the Edgartown courthouse. (Associated Press)