Humanity shows its best self as Harvey devastates Texas coast

Los Angeles Times staff photographer Robert Gauthier talks about the small moments of humanity in the midst of Harvey.


People form a human chain to rescue a woman in labor. Two cowboys free a trapped horse. Residents push a stranded driver’s car to safety. A man dives into rushing waters to save a drowning dog.

For all the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the Gulf Coast, there has also been a considerable deal of hope on display too, some of it captured on video.

Drivers form human chain to save man


When floodwaters began to carry away an elderly man in his SUV, a band of drivers stopped to help. Dozens joined hands and stretched out until they reached the stranded man. One climbed on the roof of the car to help the group pry open the man’s door to pull him out.

Neighbors rally to bring pregnant woman to safety

When Molly Akers’ neighbor went into labor, the apartment complex quickly strategized to ensure her safety.

“The couple couldn’t reach 911, so a complex wide email was sent out asking for nurses and OB’s,” Akers wrote on Facebook. “I talked to her husband and a plan was made to move her to the second floor if the water level continued to rise. Suddenly our building was filled with others from our complex showing up to help!”

When firefighters showed up more than a hour later, neighbors formed a human chain so the woman could move from the apartment to the hands of firefighters.

Bystanders brave waters to save animals


A shivering pit bull that was stranded atop a car outside of a garage was saved by a local CBS News crew. The dog, which had apparently been abandoned, cowered as rescuers got closer.

After the rescue, Chris Rogers, the dog’s owner, came forward to defend himself. He said he agonized over leaving behind the dog – named Blue – and told the local CBS station that he believed rescuers would go back for the dog.

“I just jumped into survival mode,” he said.

When a dog in Lumberton, Texas, was swept away by floodwater currents, a group of men sprang into action. One, wearing a life jacket and connected to a tether, waded chest-deep into the water. Once he had the dog, the other men pulled the pair out of the water.

The dog, Bandit, was eventually returned to his owners.


Chance Ward shared several posts on Facebook of Texan cowboys saving trapped horses. At least one went viral.

“There is a lot of sad out of this storm, but I look at the positive,” he wrote in a related post. “I have helped in numerous floods with livestock. We were able to swim in and save four of these horses today.”

Houston residents push woman out of danger

“We got you,” a man off-camera can be heard saying as he and three other men push a woman’s car back to safety.

The video has received ample attention. Many on Twitter have been quick to laud it as an example of people of different races helping one another.

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