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Humberto strikes Texas

A satellite view of Humberto shows it over Louisiana at 8:45 a.m. Central time. (NOAA / AP)
Humberto strengthened from a tropical depression to a hurricane in just 18 hours and just before making landfall, earning it a place in history. (NOAA / AP)
Humberto’s winds whip the trees at an apartment complex in Beaumont, Texas. (Mark M. Hancock AP/Beaumont Enterprise)
Madena Picard and Judy Oldbury block off a flooded underpass in Vidor, Texas. (Tammy McKinley AP/Beaumont Enterprise)
Traffic creeps through floodwaters in Beaumont. (Pete Churton AP/Beaumont Enterprise)
Thomas Moses, 61, retrieves his bedroom window in Stowell, Texas. (Dave Einsel / AP)
Vela Rogers, 73, surveys the damage around her home in Stowell. (Dave Einsel / AP)
Barbara Schley hugs neighbor Jack Payton, who lost his home in High Island, Texas. Jack and his wife, Connie, were home when the hurricane knocked the building off its foundation and tore off the roof. (Melissa Phillip AP/Houston Chronicle)
Barbara Schley takes in the damage at her neighbor’s home in High Island. (Dave Einsel / AP)
High Island Schools Principal Audie Tackett passes a heap of damaged stadium lights. (Dave Einsel / AP)