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Trailer kids

Children play around the FEMA trailer park they live at in Pascagoula, Miss. (Dan Anderson / For the Times)
LIMBO LINE: Resident Sandria Davison holds the rope for a girl at a FEMA trailer park in Pascagoula, Miss., where a game can quickly turn into an extended confrontation when someone cuts in line. (Dan Anderson / For the Times)
AT PLAY: Noel Jones, 8, and his friends have a clubhouse in the woods near the trailer park. Before Katrina, his family lived in a notoriously rundown complex. (Dan Anderson / For the Times)
Sandria Davison comforts Leslie Hernandez, 6, one of the children she looks after at a FEMA trailer park. The kids used to call Davison “the candy lady,” because she had tried to sell them candy. But she was too softhearted and gave most of it away. Now many of them call her “Mama.” (Dan Anderson / For the Times)
HOME, FOR NOW: Wendell “Papa” Williams, 12, walks the gravel streets of the trailer park. FEMA has extended its eviction date to March 2009, an acknowledgment of the difficulties that residents of the 68-unit park face in relocating. (Dan Anderson / For the Times)