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Amazon drones, meet Groupon catapults

Just one week after Amazon announced its high-tech, albeit somewhat vague, plans for drone delivery, the online retail giant is beginning to face warlike competition. Amazon drones, meet Groupon catapults.

The popular deals website Groupon posted a YouTube video Tuesday mocking all those other companies “that drone on” (get it?) about their “risky, experimental, new methods of package delivery.” (Watch the video above.)

QUIZ: Who said it?

Looking back to the slightly more low-tech past for innovative ideas, Groupon announced its plans for delivery by catapult. The tag line: “From our dungeon to your doorstep.”


Groupon is not the only company to comment on Amazon’s drone pitch.

When asked about Amazon’s drone plan this week, eBay Chief Executive John Donahoe told Bloomberg TV that his company is not concentrating on “long-term fantasies.”

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