Watch 300 films from 2013 in seven minutes [Video]

Running just seven minutes long, a new video seamlessly achieves the daunting task of condensing 300 films from 2013 into hundreds of fast-paced clips that, taken together, explore issues as vast as time and death.

Produced by Los Angeles-based editor Genevieve Ip, the video, above, is split into five sections, each one devoted to a different theme.

“One of my biggest goals in cutting this video was to show that movies are more alike than they are dissimilar, that they can all come together and tell a grander narrative about humanity and life,” Ip wrote in an email.


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Opening with a clip from “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” the first segment focuses on words, after which the video turns to sections on origins, evil and death/love, according to a Tumblr Ip made to accompany the video. The final segment, which ends with cuts from “Man of Steel” and “Into the Mind,” is concerned with time.

Ip’s Tumblr also provides a time-stamped key showing which films were used in the video and where they appear.

Since 2010, Ip has produced similar videos to capture each year’s film lineup, typically working on the project for about four months. Ip described the process for creating the video’s structure as “a bit of a wrestling match” between what she hopes to express in the piece and the films’ messages.

“I’ll create a backbone of themes and try to find dialogue and music to support them,” Ip said. “Sometimes though, I’m struck by a particular line and it takes on a life of its own and creates its own thematic section.”

Because of the time commitment required to create each video, however, this year’s compilation will be Ip’s last. She also said she was ending the series because she has already exhausted many of the themes she would want to explore in future videos.

“I’m ready to come up with a new format for my passion projects,” Ip said.


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