#Fail: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gets daylight saving time all wrong

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: Is he in the market for a new social media manager?
(Chris Young / Associated Press)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford might have missed the “spring forward, fall back” memo: His Twitter account was used to wrongly advise his 130,000 followers to “turn your clocks back,” instead of forward for daylight saving time this weekend.

Ford, as everyone knows, gained international fame last year after media reports of public drunkenness and his admission to smoking crack cocaine. The mistaken tweet was later deleted without explanation.

A new tweet was posted on his official account this evening with the correct advice: “Daylight saving time starts this evening, turn your clocks forward and change batteries in smoke alarms.”

There was some speculation that the gaffe could be traced to continuing upheaval in the mayor’s office.


The Toronto weekly Now reports that Ford just lost his social media manager, who was also his receptionist, and the last remaining member of his City Hall team.

Regardless of the reason, the blogosphere has seized upon the earlier mistaken tweet and run with it.

We rounded up a few standouts for your enjoyment: